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With HIMSS 2021 being back in person, we are excited to show you the latest on how our comprehensive portfolio can break down the barriers between technologies and teams across your organization to empower real-time, cross-departmental collaboration.

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Powered by Fujifilm’s pioneering server-side technology, this next-generation image
visualization platform unites Synapse Radiology PACS, Cardiology PACS, VNA, 3D,
and Fujifilm’s AI-supported platform REiLI® on one common PACS viewer to bring
unlimited enterprise imaging possibilities to your organization.
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Synapse® Radiology PACS
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Today’s enterprises need a solution that extends well beyond the capabilities of a traditional PACS, one that unifies imaging data across the enterprise to support clinical collaboration, workflow efficiency, and more-informed decision making. To be effective and overcome traditional industry obstacles, PACS solutions must evolve to function as comprehensive enterprise imaging systems. Discover how Synapse Radiology PACS displays radiology and cardiology images, along with specialty department imaging, unifying all enterprise imaging data through a single diagnostic viewer, and helping you to optimize workflows, enhance efficiencies, and advance patient care.
Synapse® Cardiology PACS
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To support the entire care organization, cardiology PACS solutions must evolve to function as a comprehensive enterprise imaging system. Growing enterprises need a solution that supports interoperability, integrates with third-party software, and continuously evolves to keep pace with today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. For cardiologists, that solution must include advanced reporting capabilities that help support more informed clinical decision making. Discover how secure server-side technology, enhanced by interoperability capabilities, third-party integrations, and advanced reporting features can help support the cardiologist's clinical care decisions.

Synapse VNA

Consistently awarded “Best in KLAS,” Synapse VNA provides access, control, and management of imaging content from across the enterprise—regardless of the generating source, format type, or siloed storage system.  By powering true imaging interoperability for any specialty department, the industry-leading solution helps to create a more complete picture of patient health.

Synapse 3D

Synapse 3D’s server-based advanced visualization technology enhances the diagnostic accuracy and efficiency of today’s providers. With more than 50 specialized applications, the solution supports interpretation, reporting, and planning decisions, while facilitating exam sharing across departments for enhanced clinical collaboration.

Synapse EIS

With Synapse RIS as the foundation, Synapse Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) provides one of the most comprehensive workflow management solutions on the market. The newest release, Synapse EIS 7x, features a sleek design with an intuitive user interface and offers enhanced workflow efficiencies, real-time admin dashboards, patient and provider engagement tools, and more to help support every aspect of your healthcare business.

Synapse Mobility

Fujifilm’s industry-leading enterprise viewing platform provides anytime, anywhere access to diagnostic content from across the enterprise. Globally accredited to support diagnoses via desktop, laptop, iOS, and mobile devices, with the flexibility to integrate with EHRs and other portals, Synapse Mobility empowers providers with unrestricted image access without compromise.


Fujifilm’s AI-supported platform, using extensive Fujifilm and third-party algorithms, REiLI brings unprecedented AI insights directly within the workflow of Synapse users to help support more accurate and efficient diagnoses. Fujifilm AI applications currently in development include: Region recognition, computer-aided detection, and workflow optimization.

Cloud Services

As your trusted partner for secure data storage, Fujifilm’s Synapse Cloud Services goes beyond simply storing information. It offers three distinct delivery models - Hosting, Storing and Archiving, and Disaster Recovery - to effectively meet the evolving needs of any enterprise, all in a cost-effective and HIPAA-compliant manner.